The Nottinghamshire Crisis Sanctuaries

Our Worksop Sanctuary has now reopened! Please note that we are currently unable to accommodate disabled access, but our Landlines remain open from 4.00pm till 11.00pm for anyone who needs our support.

We are a free service and here to offer support, information and guidance to anyone 18 years or older in or nearing a mental health crisis. Our team is ready to listen and waiting to hear from you on 0330 822 4100 Our open hours are from 4pm till 11pm every day of the year seven nights a week.

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Absolutely, not everyone likes talking over the phone, all our Crisis Sanctuaries are designed to welcome you and offer a safe environment for you to be heard, help you deal with your emotions, and find coping mechanisms to improve your wellbeing.

Our team of Intervention Workers are trained in mental health support and are supportive listeners, they can provide support to help you stay safe, offer information and guidance, signpost you to specialist local services, they can help you find community groups, depending on the circumstances, a worker might help you make an action plan that covers what to do next. If you are near or at crisis, talking can offer a sense of empowerment, no matter what you’re dealing with.

If you’re worried about being judged, you may feel relieved to know we can offer as little or as much support as you want. We are here to listen in a non-judgemental way, you may find that talking to someone helps you think more clearly or gain useful insights and ideas.

Whether you drop in or call us our Intervention Worker will ask a few questions to gain an understanding of your situation so that they can support you as much as possible. They may ask, “How can I help you?” or “What led you to reach out today?” They might also ask for your first name, what you would like to be referred as, age, or where in Nottinghamshire you are calling from so they can offer a better service, you’re not obliged to offer any information that you don’t want. Whether you drop in or phone us you can choose to remain anonymous.

If you change your mind about coming to a sanctuary there is no need to feel embarrassed, our teams fully understand how difficult it is to take that first step and will be prepared to support you when you are ready to take that step.

It’s your choice to decide how you would like to receive support, you may be asked if you would like to continue the support via telephone or if you would rather have digital/ zoom session, or if you would like to visit our drop-in services located throughout the county. No matter what you decide, or who you end up talking to, you can be rest assured our team are ready to help.

We are more than happy to help you if you are calling on behalf of someone else, we wouldn’t be able to divulge any information to you if the person was already known to us due to confidentiality.

Our drop-in services are totally free. The phone number is charged at local rates, our teams can call you back so that you don’t incur extra charges if that is what you would prefer.

The first voice you will hear will be an automated one asking you to choose the day that you are calling, once you have selected the day you will be transferred through to one of our Mental Health intervention workers who are trained to listen and offer you support.

Client Quotes

"They listen. It sounds ridiculous but is calling you by your own name, not rushing. They let you breathe, and take the time to understand what you’re saying and think about it. Everything is so rushed now, you just need someone to listen."

"I feel validated that I can contact yourselves even if not in crisis, but I just need to talk. I’m so glad I came across this service."

"Having someone out of hours that wasn’t A&E was really important. That’s not the kind of environment you want, you’re waiting for hours and hours, it’s not where you want to be. In the daytime I go to my CPN, but not in the evening."

"The phone line is good for when people can’t or don’t want to leave the house. Depends how low you’re feeling and if you’re scared."

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