The Nottinghamshire Crisis Sanctuaries provides mental health crisis support to the communities of Nottinghamshire.

Each Crisis Sanctuary will have 3 trained Crisis Intervention Workers who will provide recovery-focused crisis support in a trusted and consistent space for people who require out of hours mental health support. If required, onward community referrals will be made. If you would prefer not to attend the Crisis Sanctuaries, support can be provided via telephone or through video calling platforms. The Crisis Sanctuaries are for anyone near, or at crisis who need a safe space to talk.

The Crisis Sanctuaries are delivered through a partnership of Framework, Turning Point, and Mind, to collectively support the communities of Nottinghamshire. Further details on the partnership model are available via the Crisis Sanctuaries Manager tracycsl@nottinghamshiremind.org.uk Further information can also be obtained by calling 07561 705722

Our vision

Together we are committed to offer the best quality service and support for individuals and families experiencing a Mental Health Crisis by using the expertise of each partner throughout the communities of Nottinghamshire.

Our mission

To offer a relaxed environment for those in Mental Health Crisis to make informed choices and develop solutions to deal with their current distress whilst providing a sense of Hope, Control and Opportunity.


We know mental health support through the Covid pandemic is vital and we want to support the best we can whilst keeping you safe. Please follow each Crisis Sanctuaries guidelines when visiting us.

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